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John Searl Foresry Ltd is a company registered in Wales Registered no 08368782

Registered office: Irish Square Upper Denbigh Road St Asaph LL17 0RN



John Searl Forestry is an independent forestry and woodland management and consultancy practice established in January 2013. Our principal John Searl graduated with an honours degree in Forestry at UCNW Bangor and is a chartered Forester. Since 1986 John has worked in private sector forestry in Wales and the border counties for a variety of clients- some traditional estates others private investors, farmers or for people who just enjoy woodlands.


We aim to offer all services that a woodland owner may need. We undertake both woodland establishment and restocking operations following timber harvesting, silvicultural interventions such as crop cleaning, respacing or thinning. We also undertake

fencing and boundary maintenance works and a range of

road construction, drainage and infrastructure works.


We provide survey services to evaluate crop potential and

yield, discover where crops are not performing and propose

remedial action and identify vegetation types in order that

the ecological worth of woodlands can be determined.


We aim to be client focused and our aim is to ensure that

our service to you is clear in its delivery and that our

relationship with you will be long term.


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We can provide consultancy services in a variety of forestry and woodland specialisms. Should you require a investment health check or more complex expert services for example for an Environmental Assessment please contact and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.


Our core consultancy areas are:

  • Investment appraisals

  • Landscape and forest design

  • Optimising felling coupe design

  • Compliance Management of natural or natural woodlands  

  • Crop assessment

  • Timber marketing