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John Searl Foresry Ltd is a company registered in Wales Registered no 08368782

Registered office: Irish Square Upper Denbigh Road St Asaph LL17 0RN


Investing in Forestry

Investing in forestry and woodlands is an exciting way to put money into an eco-system service that not only provides financial returns and environmental benefits through carbon capture etc., this is an investment that you can visit, enjoy and see it performing as the crops grow.


The demand for timber and biomass for energy is evident in our everyday lives. We also know that through woodland and forestry investment we have tangible assets that as commodity prices increase will add further value to our growing crops.


Investing in trees is a long-term commitment however and will require resources to be tied up for a period of time. Investment can be made at any time in the life of a crop. Investment can be made in planting of new woodlands and forests but, more typically, investment is made in existing woodlands with proven growth potential.


There are generous incentives not only to plant new woodlands but also the ownership of commercial woodland is treated favourably under current tax arrangements.


Recent years have seen rapid upward movement in values of stocked woodlands, this reflects both a  new appreciation of the growing value of timber and biomass in the future but also the rise in timber values helped in part by favourable currency movements in the last five years.



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What we do

Forests and woodlands are generally offered for sale by specialist agents - we monitor what is on the market on a regular basis.


Should you like to learn what is available close to you or within your intended investment criteria please give us a call.


Should you like advice on how a woodland or forest will perform financially or the risks that may affect the outcome of your investment, we are able to offer a full appraisal service that is designed to highlight both the potential and the difficulties of purchase opportunities.